Design Plant Hut

For a temporary meeting space, Architectkidd has converted an empty floor of their shophouse using palm leaves as the primary material.

The space is currently being used as a venue for designers.  Architect Chat Chuenruddmol of Chat Architects has brought together a group of independent designers and architects to discuss the design scene in Thailand and exchange ideas.  The group includes Designlab, Department of Architecture, T.R.O.P. Office AT, Supermachine, Storage Studio, Vaslab, Anon Pairot Design Studio, Thingsmatter, among other designers.

For the design of the space itself, the aim was to implement a low-cost and quick renovation.  The idea of a natural curtain wall led the team to the outskirts of Bangkok, where people made thatch panels from palm plants growing next door to their homes.  A simple steel cable detail connects the panels to assemble what we nicknamed “Hairy Walls”.

Project Summary:

Project Name:  Design Hut
Materials:  Palm leaves, bamboo
Building area:  90 sqm
Project team:  Luke Yeung, Manassak Senachak, Tammarat Rodpul, Kanin Amboon
Location:  Bangkok, Thailand