Old Wood Details

Construction is nearly complete for the new Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in Bangkok.

This project is a renovation of an existing building structure in Siam Square, and one of the aspects that Architectkidd and designer Prinda Puranananda focused on during the construction was about re-using materials.   In the interior, there will be a stage wall feature made from recycled aluminum (designed by Anon Pairot Studio).  On the upper part of the exterior, the new black facade panels are tilted and placed so that in some areas the old building is revealed from behind.

For the lower part of the facade, the wall is made from reclaimed timber.  Many of the timber pieces have come from wooden Thai houses that, for a variety of reasons, had been demolished and dismantled.  The detailing of the old wood for the new application has been kept simple. A diagonal pattern is used for the facade wall and the surface of the wood has been minimally re-finished with teak oil and stain.

There was also a short post in the Bangkok Post newspaper about the new Hard Rock Cafe yesterday.  You can read the article here.