Cantilever Spaces

At Architectkidd, we think each material has its own unique properties that need to be considered to realize its potential in architecture. For the design of the Kirimaya House, which is currently under construction, we certainly became more aware of the properties found in structural steel.

With the efforts of structural designers Boonsaeng Siriratchuwong and Pariwat Mekasatheankul from Setcom, as well as contractors Nai Chung Thai, we were able to address some of the challenges posed in the design, such as creating a 11-meter cantilever for the second floor space.

It’s not our intention to create the ‘biggest’ or ‘flashiest’ structures in our buildings. Instead, we like to think that our approach begins with the existing conditions, and our goal to try to created a heightened sense or experience of the place.

For this steel cantilever, it is about being able to create a kind of space that can stretch beyond the boundaries of the house and open out into the surrounding landscapes.