Architect Fair Opens

April 2012:  This year’s Architect Expo in Thailand has been opened to the public. There are a lot different activities, exhibitions, product displays and lectures going on this year. Architectkidd has been participating in the event, with the main theme titled “Waterbrick”.

Being directly involved in the Architect Fair this time, we began to realize the enormity of this event, with all the logistics, coordination and organization required to run the show.  According to the Association of Siamese Architects, it is expected that more than 350,000 visitors will attend this event.

Here are some photos during the stage when we were working with the fabricator on our “Forest Urbanism” exhibition design.

After considering various materials, we decided to experiment with sculpting medium density EPS foam combined with CNC fabrication as our technique in create our exhibition display panels.

We really need to give thanks to Phanthep Larppiptmongkhon and the technicians at Royal Intertrade for their enthusiasm and for collaborating with us to work overtime to complete the machine cutting and assembly in time for the exhibition.