4 Projects, 4 Designs, 4 Techniques

Luke Yeung recently presented Architectkidd’s work for a lecture at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Architecture and Planning. The lecture gave us a chance to reflect on approaches and thinking that we have taken on our recent projects.

The projects we showed included Lightmos (below image from Wallpaper Thailand magazine):

Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok:

Caffe D’Oro:

And the house in Kirimaya Residence:

But instead of focusing on the end results, we were interested to explain how the designs of each project evolved during the process, from conception to construction. In the presentation we focused on how techniques were combined, whether they were considered “hi” or “lo” tech.

And just as it is important for us to generate a conceptual approach to the clients…

It is important to develop suitable implementation strategies to fulfill the conceptual promises…

For us, it is crucial to spend time and effort on different materials strategies and working out the details of how physical things should be put together.

As a result, we at Architectkidd often like to say that  “design is accumulative”

Here are the 4 projects, compressed into 48 slide images.

Thanks to Thammasat University and Aj. Payap Pakdeelao for the invitation.