Bangkok Flat

This project is a design of an apartment unit in an early-generation residential high-rise in Bangkok.

The design makes use of existing attributes & found conditions. The building’s location, while in the middle of the city, is away from the main roads and adjacent to one of Bangkok’s largest waterways, or ‘klongs’. As a result, upon entering the apartment, one faces an uninterrupted view of the Bangkok skyline.

The apartment itself is located at one corner of the high-rise. In Bangkok, prevailing winds originate from the south-west direction. As a result, the layout was arranged to maximize openings to the east and south sides to allow for cross ventilation throughout the apartment.

BKK Flat 03 kitchen dining-Luke_Yeung

Materials and finishes were selected as spare and contemporary interpretations of Thai living. In particular, inspiration was found during visits to the local workshops of craftsmen and carpenters.

BKK Flat 06 kitchen-Luke_Yeung

These workshops usually consist of not only the ‘working’ areas but also combined eating and sleeping areas within a limited space.

The idea of combining several functions within a compact space resulted in the design for the outdoor shower area.

Detail 01 - Concrete wall wood slide door

Working closely with a local carpenter, perforated wooden screens made from reclaimed hard wood timber were installed.

Progress 04 - wood workshop

When not used as a shower, the wooden screens can be closed to enlarge the outdoor balcony space.

BKK Flat 02 shower living 2-Luke_Yeung

Architectkidd’s design for “Bangkok Flat” has been featured in Dezeen, Dwell Asia, Surface Asia, Arqa, Room Magazine, Elle Decor Thailand and other publications.

Photography: Luke Yeung