Telescopic Spaces

Architectkidd has completed the flagship store for a fashion hand bag label. With this retail design in Bangkok, the aim was to challenge some of the limitations posed by conventional spaces.

Instead of a fixed layout, the design is composed of three rectangular frames that form the overall enclosure. These frames are nested inside each other and form the main displays of the store.

The frames are mechanized and can be extended to form a telescopic arrangement, creating different spatial and display configurations.

From outside the store, the telescoping displays stretch the viewers’ perspective, making the store appear more expansive than its actual size.

Inside the store, customers can view the products from a variety of angles. The shop serves as a retail space as well as an event space for special functions.

Architectkidd‘s design for this ‘Telescopic Space’ has recently been featured in Retail Design as well as Architonic.

More images of this project below. Photography by Wison Tungthuya & Luke Yeung.