Permeable Shopping Center

As part of a wider urban plan for the surrounding area in Bangkok, Architectkidd renovated a retail development occupying a large space at the busy intersection in the city. Taking an opportunity to question the typical closed “big box” model of shopping centers, the design aimed to create a more dynamic presence as well as to allow everyday life to permeate through into the building.

Architectkidd proposed a new intermediate space attached to the front of the existing interior retail volume. This semi-outdoor atrium houses a variety of programs, displays and public functions and provides the ability to house temporary and more experimental activities to reach out to younger people.

The facade becomes a mediator between the developing urban conditions and the more traditionally planned interiors. Upon first impression, the continuous metallic surface seems to convey a monumental presence but it is actually a porous layer composed of triangulated slivers that are uniquely sized and cut.

The gradient transparencies of the perforated panels provide natural ventilation and reflect changing lighting conditions.

At night, the lighting dematerializes the facade and creates an inviting glow from within the atrium that spreads on to the outdoor and public areas.

The project, called The Street Ratchada, makes use of Thailand’s traditions in metal work to overcome budgetary and fabrication constraints. Digital design combined with local fabrication was utilized to create a building that possesses technological and crafted qualities.

Project: The Street Ratchada
Project location: Bangkok, Thailand
Architects: Architectkidd
Architect team: Luke Yeung, Manassak Senachak, Jariyawadee Lekawatana, Korpong Sanaha, Tammarat Rodpul, Tamfun Vatayanon, Marisa Charusilawong
Photo credits: W Workspace, Luke Yeung, Aey Somsawat

Client: Univentures Public Company Ltd.
Interior Designer: PIA
Landscape Architect: P Landscape
Lighting Designer: Withlight
Structural Consultant: KCS & Associates
MEP Consultant: W & Associates
Retail Consultant: Mong-Glai Consultant
Branding: Paracetamol
Graphics: Farmgroup