Scenes from the Flood: Bangkok

After inundating many areas of Thailand in the past months, the floods have reached Bangkok.  This past week, the city has been preparing for flood waters as they encroach the northern part of the metropolis.

Bangkok is essentially a basin in which the Chao Phraya river passes through to the Gulf of Thailand.  The city’s elevation is on average 2 meters above sea level. To manage the large changes in seasonal water flows and levels, an elaborate system of waterways has been constructed throughout the metropolis to divert excess water.

This time however, the amount of water has proved too great for the existing city infrastructure.

To cope with the overflows, additional measures such as sand bags and dykes are now urgently being installed in hopes to prevent flooding on streets and in businesses and homes in the city.  Government and volunteer agencies have been coordinating these last minute prevention and relief efforts.

Recently Tammarat Rodpul, Manassak Senachak and others in the Architectkidd team assisted in these preparations for the area along the Klong Rangsit waterways.  They have provided the photographs for this post.