Hands On Architecture

This is our small tribute to all the hands involved in making our architecture.  Despite increasing use of high technologies and processes, there remains one basic and necessary component in making things – the skill of the hand.

Without it, even the most sophisticated machinery cannot be used to its potential. It is the skills of the hand that can transform raw materials into meaningful design.

This became evident to us after visiting the many factories in Thailand that have been producing our architectural designs, such as the Caffè D´Oro project.

Being “Hands On” is about understanding how things are made, and therefore how things can be better designed. Being engaged in the process of making is about appreciating the value of things.

This is not to say that we long to go back to the old ways of making things.  It’s more about combining a variety of techniques as well as local practices and traditions. We are interested in the way tools can shape our work, and are inspired by pioneers such as Malcolm McCullough and others that can relate to the “correspondence between digital work and traditional craft.

Please take a look at our “hands on” photo gallery: