Kirimaya Residence

Construction is now underway for the design of a private residence in Kirimaya.  The project, located in Khao Yai, is about 150 km north east of Bangkok.  With its vast and open spaces, the site challenged Architectkidd to reconsider typical house constructions using vertically repetitive structures and systems.

Compared to a house design that is contained within a smooth building envelope, we were interested in how interior functions and rooms of this project – with their various uses, dimensions, vertical levels, and orientation – could respond differently to the owners’ needs as well as the surrounding landscape.

This approach led us to look at each floor of the house as a distinct layout and corresponding geometry.  The upper floor contains the main living and bedroom areas in a rectangular space that has a specific direction towards the exterior views.  In contrast, the lower ground floor is a circular space that is omni-directional in its orientation and responds to the different ways that people interact with the house when they approach from car and by foot.

While each floor is a distinct entity, they are co-dependent with each other, with the upper floor resting on and cantilevered from the ground floor.  The ground floor, being close to the surrounding landscape, is built up from locally-fired clay tiles that are laid horizontally and stacked along the building perimeter.

This project was recently featured in the Notice Board section of Mark Magazine. For a web view of the November 2010 issue, please link here.

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