Introducing the New D’Oro

Caffè D´Oro is a home-grown success story, with over 70 retail shops throughout Thailand. The coffee brand not only sells beverages but also roasts and supplies coffee beans from its plantations in Northern Thailand.

Architectkidd has been commissioned to develop new retail shops for Caffè D´Oro. Working closely with the D’Oro team, we have been thinking about new ways for coffee lovers to enjoy their coffee at the D’Oro shops.

The result of the collaboration is the new D’Oro prototype shop. The new design presents an approachable and user-friendly experience to Caffè D’Oro and its customers.

At the same time, it is very important to create an instantly recognizable and memorable design that will reinforce the D’Oro brand within the competitive retail market.

In order to implement this vision, Architectkidd has been working to develop a number of interesting material and construction techniques that we hope will bring something unique into the retail design and architecture scene.

The new D’Oro is under fabrication now – so please stay tuned for more updates soon!