Essence in an Eatery

“ABC represents the starting point, the most basic essence of eating,” according to restaurateur Pakamon “Nina” Somboonvechakarn.  The goal is to combine creativity along with high-quality ingredients to give taste and nutrition to the menu.

Architectkidd_ABC Eatery_screen

For the design of the ABC Eatery, Architectkidd devised various techniques to filter natural light into the interior space.

Architectkidd_ABC Eatery_honeycomb

Among the highlights is our design for the honeycomb ceiling with integrated lighting.

Architectkidd_ABC Eatery_restaurant_ceiling_honeycomb

The custom-designed screens also diffuse the light into the restaurant.


The result is a quiet space where the focus is on the quality of the materials and the food. Both the ABC menu and design have been favorably reviewed by the Nation and various local media. As Bangkok Post writes, “Make sure you grab a seat by the windows and take a snap of your beautifully presented dish with the sunlight coming through. The natural lighting means you won’t even need to use a filter to make your followers drool.”(!)

Architectkidd_ABC Eatery_restaurant

Have a closer look at the ABC Essence in Eatery in the image gallery below. Photography by Waraporn Srikokjareon & Pohnchanok Thongtha.