Bangkok Graffiti

February 2011: Three Bangkok street artists are currently exhibiting their work at the Hard Rock Cafe in Siam Square.  The event is part of Hard Rock Cafe’s building renovation which is now underway.

This “Graffiti” event was organized as a competition for Bangkok street artists with the goal to tell the story of Hard Rock as they see it.  After selecting the three winners based on their submissions, the artists were invited to carry out their designs in front of the Hard Rock building, which is currently under renovation.

The event became a public performance in Siam Square and the audience had a chance to see the full range of techniques used in graffiti art. The artists used aerosal spray paint to mix up super-saturated colors with abstract and figural shapes.  As with most street art, the final results are on display for a short period of time.  In a few weeks, the artwork will be removed as the building renovation progresses towards its completion.

Architectkidd and CPD have been collaborating on the new Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok, which includes the design of the exterior facade as well as the interior of the restaurant.  Several artists have been invited to create installations and artworks for the new restaurant.

For more photos of the Graffiti contest, have a look at Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok’s Facebook page here.

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